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About Bles

Who are we? 

We graduated in 2020 and 2021 as Masters in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Sciences.


Anaëlle graduated with an interuniversity specialization 'Internal disorders'. She also completed additional training in psychomotor development and remedial learning at Thomas More. 

You can also visit her for general physiotherapy and rehabilitation  

Thomas graduated with a master's degree in physical education from UCL, in addition he did a course in physiotherapy and rehabilitation at UCL which he completed in 2021. 

He also followed a course in lower back pain and manual therapy, and a course in wrist and elbow disorders in athletes. 

Thomas also has a degree in sports management from UCD, Dublin.

In addition, we can also provide physiotherapy at home, if your physical or mobile condition requires this. 

Why Bles?

For young and old

Flexible hours

Tailored to the patient

Different specializations 

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