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Physical Therapy Session



Working Out with a Physio Ball


Welcome to our group practice physiotherapists 'Bles' in Laeken.

We are 2 passionate physiotherapists, each with their own specialization.

In our practice you can go for general and pediatric rehabilitation, sports rehabilitation, post-operative rehabilitation, internal disorders, developmental disorders and psychomotor skills, respiratory physiotherapy, ...  

Do you have questions, do you want an appointment?
Please feel free to contact us.

Your body, our care!

Who are we?

Anaelle Akwesi and Thomas Van Gils

We are two passionate physiotherapists who are part of a multidisciplinary practice located in Brussels.


You can contact us for physiotherapy and rehabilitation for both children and adults. We speak Dutch, French, English and Spanish.

In addition, we can also provide physiotherapy at home, if your physical or mobile condition requires this.  


contact us

Kine Bles

Available daily between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. 

Pannenhuisstraat 44-46, 1020 Laken 


phone: 0497/57.75.69

Thank you for your question!

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